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Automation of manufacturing processes


Our partner DataKrat company - supplier of the product family DKLink.

We introduce in the accounting system work products based on the technology of bar coding and RFID-labels.

Family DKLink product is perfect for the introduction in the production, as it has advanced settings for the specific equipment used only in this industry.


«DKLink Pro» - a specialized solution for the implementation of traceability and recording movement of raw materials and finished goods in warehouses in the production process.




The system «DKLink Pro» is replicable module solution designed "DataKrat" corporation for the automation of warehouse and production processes. The system is designed for accounting of inventory at the enterprises.





The main advantages of the system​ «DKLink Pro»:

  • Organization of traceability in production (taking into account the history of the movement of objects).
  • Increasing the reliability of the data (the most excluded "human factor" errors).
  • Prompt provision of information management systems (ERP, Accounting) in real time.
  • Reducing the complexity in the performance of accounting operations staff.
  • Reduction of losses accounting objects by recording movements of products in real time.
  • Improving the quality of products (personal responsibility, history of production).
  • Optimization of internal enterprise document.


«DKLink Inventory» - a specialized solution to automate the process of inventory of fixed assets in the enterprise with mobile data terminals (TSD). Implemented projects both with the identification by barcode or by the RFID-labels.


Main features: 

  • work with a bar code in any format;
  • display found and not found of inventory (Inventory Holdings);
  • each Inventory Holdings may be displayed on the Data Collection Terminal screen all the necessary information;
  • data exchange with a Client Account System made using a text file;
  • assignment statuses found Inventory Holdings;
  • Inventory Holdings ability to print labels and places of storage directly from the Data Collection Terminal using the label printer;
  • Inventory Holdings able to search not only for bar codes and serial numbers;
  • when looking for a responsible person and user Inventory Holdings - the ability to search not only by Name but also by Scheduled staff numbers;
  • the ability to create Inventory Holdings manually on Data Collection Terminal;
  • the ability to create storage space manually on Terminals for data collection.

Advantages of the system «DKLink Inventory»: 

  • Increasing productivity, by increasing the rate of formation of an inventory of documents through the use of automatic identification. 
  • Increasing the relevance of the data due to the reduction of data entering time in the enterprise information system. 
  • Reduction of errors when transferring information from paper documents into enterprise information system (electronic inventory documents are filled at the point of appearance). 
  • Reducing regrading by labeling objects for the purpose of further identification, by means of automatic identification technology (read bar code uniquely identifies the object).


«DKLink Mobile» - solution for the automation of accounting and goods movement enterprises in any industry. Integrates with existing enterprise information system and becomes a "hands and eyes" of the enterprise host system in the field of goods handling.




DKLINK Mobile it helps to improve the efficiency of your employees in a store or warehouse. With DKLINK Mobile can immediately execute documents on the mobile terminal, and do not fill out numerous paper documents, and then manually entering them on the computer. Reading bar codes of goods also can increase the speed and reduce the number of errors, leading to the regrading. The same amount of work with a mobile terminal can be done faster, more accurate and fewer employees.




The advantages of system implementation​ «DKLink Mobile»:

  • Reduced labor costs.
  • Improving the efficiency of the store.
  • An exception error when the price changes.
  • Reducing the time and the time of the re-marking.
  • Flexible consumer policy and the opportunity to earn on seasonal discounts.


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