Transportation management

Transport management - is designed for the automated management of business processes of transport logistics department of the company.

Transportation Management

For shippers application Transport Management Infor SCE (TM) provides a means of reducing the cost of transportation and improve the efficiency of the company by reducing the time spent on the choice of the carrier and to send applications for the routes to them.

Carriers using TM can accept or reject the application for routes to manage data on a route tracking numbers and enter information about the status of the event.

Advantages of application Transportation Management:

  • Access to all shipments and routes the carriers processed in TM;
  • The detailed information on tariffs for transportation, and the choice of carrier, tested and provided in real-time;
  • Optimization for the detection of opportunities to unite;
  • Ranking and selection of carriers with customizable guides to trails;
  • Transportation calculation - calculation of the required date of receipt and (or) delivery, which takes into account such factors;
  • Carriers alert by e-mail application, cancel the route, cancel the application, route changes;
  • Management reports;

Infor Planning

The best use of your production resources, improve efficiency, increase throughput and reduce costs.

To obtain a quick throughput and high quality of manufacturing operations, it is necessary to optimize the production plan that aligns the demand and production.

With Infor Planning you can create a synchronized, capacity-constrained manufacturing plan. And:

  • Increase the number of delivery points;
  • To achieve high performance and throughput;
  • To reduce delivery wait time;
  • Reduce operating costs.


  • Analysis and Visualization - to quickly create and visualize different scenarios or simulations to assess the impact of various restrictions and immediately see the result.
  • Optimization - dynamic change of all data, transport, manufacturing, procurement plan.
  • Perspective - build a realistic and profitable plans based on real-time checks the availability of resources and production facilities.
  • Vulnerability - any order can be tracked through the supply chain. Determine the critical moments and make the right decision to remedy the situation.


In order to supply were carried out in a timely manner. The need to control program that requires careful planning, reliable execution and thorough, consistent maintenance. Infor Solutions for Transport include a wide range of software systems focused on solving your most specific requirements. With these solutions, you can create a comprehensive financial management to more effectively manage the workforce and maintain transportation infrastructure in good condition.

You will be more effective in dealing with:

  • Asset Management, including vehicles, facilities and all the components of your transport system;
  • Human Resource Management;
  • Financial management and reporting.

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