Automation of a warehouse economy


Logicon company provides a full range of services for the automation of logistics processes to achieve the maximum level of efficiency in the warehouse.

The main criterion for the quality of the introduction of any product is the introduction of technology debugged. 

Meet strict requirements, respond quickly to customer needs, to be competitive - it means that the warehouse is well fulfills the orders and customers stay for a long time. To the orders were carried out at the proper level, we need an efficient and flexible warehouse management system.

INFORUS gives you the opportunity:

  • to equip the warehouse with the necessary technical means to work well (computers, network equipment, electronic equipment, including barcode scanners, POS, label printers, data collection terminals, and others.);
  • configure the WMS parameters for the processing of orders to customers requirements;
  • change the organization of the warehouse in accordance with the requirements for customers (allows to reduce the duration and the complexity of loading operations, increase the efficiency of accounting and cargo safety during transportation);
  • take into account the conditions of storage of goods, efficient use of storage space;
  • pre-sale preparation of goods to ensure that products meet customer requirements;
  • billing.

In INFORUS has everything you need for warehouse runs like clockwork.

Automation of a warehouse economy - a set of measures aimed at the introduction of modern information technologies in the warehouses of enterprises in various fields. 


The purpose of automation a warehouse economy is a comprehensive accounting of inventory, monitoring inventory, control over the actions of personnel, optimization of warehouse operations.


For Warehouse Management Solution can help your company​:

  • Reduce the amount of stored reserves in 5-20%
  • To raise labor productivity in the 15-40%
  • To improve the accuracy of the delivery system 2-5%
  • Improve the efficiency of formation of reserves by more than 99%
  • Significantly increase the intensity of incoming orders
  • Reduce direct operating costs and increase the volume of total revenues

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