Automation of manufacturing processes


Our partner company 'Aspect' is a developer of Russian integrated application solutions.

We combine digital capabilities and cross-industry expertise to provide solutions tailored to your business needs.

'Aspect' application solutions will optimally fit into the IT landscape of your industry.


“Aspect CPQ” is a solution for effective management of the product configuration process - determining the relationship between the consumer properties of the product and its technical characteristics, calculating the time and cost of manufacturing product options.



Functionality of the system "Aspect CPQ":

  • Maintenance of parameterized product specifications;
  • Maintaining parameterized technological processes for manufacturing products;
  • Ability to integrate with CAD systems to obtain data from 3D product models;
  • Creation and maintenance of a media library to visualize the dependence of the product configuration on the values ​​of consumer properties;
  • Maintaining and displaying product catalogs in the form of a marketplace;
  • Generation of commercial offers;
  • Management of discounts and surcharges;
  • Calculation of additional costs for delivery and so on;
  • Creation of a sales order and its transfer to an adjacent production and/or purchasing management information system.


“Aspect of EAM” is a solution for intelligent asset management throughout the entire life cycle.



 Functionality of the system "Aspect EAM": ​​​​​​

  • Certification of objects with any number of parameters, including objects of a linear type;
  • Registration of equipment operating time counters;
  • Assessment of total costs for technological systems, positions, repair facilities, as well as their locations;
  • Tracking warranty obligations and filing complaints on them;
  • Long-term, medium-term and operational planning of work orders for maintenance and repair of equipment;
  • Formation of applications for goods and materials and purchase orders for goods and materials for maintenance work;
  • Organization of the process of receiving, issuing and returning goods and materials for maintenance work;
  • Inspection planning based on time interval or equipment meter readings;
  • Determination of routes and control points for inspections.


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