Automation of a warehouse economy




Companies whose activities are connected with the production of goods. Deal with the temporary storage of materials and finished products. Therefore, the INFORUS WMS in real time, you can learn about the current balance of materials in the warehouse, as well as free space for the finished product.



The purpose of automation a warehouse economy is a comprehensive accounting of inventory, monitoring inventory, control over the actions of personnel, optimization of warehouse operations.



On the production and warehouse complex, relating to the production of processed not only a large amount of data, but also a variety of operations, intravascular in, unique only to your production. In INFORUS we realized the integration with production lines​, which simplifies the setup process. The transformation of materials into a finished product on the balance sheets is faster in the WMS system, reducing losses and risks. Automation reduces labor, saves time on accounting and documents circulation.



In the simultaneous shipment of large parties of one product in INFORUS WMS can make settings for the product selection to the specified attributes. What allows you to monitor the work of staff in the selection, as the system will only select the product that fit the specified criteria and reduce the percentage of errors in shipments.



INFORUS WMS system automatically conducts detailed records of inventory and operations. Thereby reducing the reporting times in the formation and making it more accurate work in any direction.

A flexible and detailed system settings allow you to customize WMS maximum under the objectives of your production.

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