Demand management

Companies engaged in servicing consumers aware of the importance of effective supply chain planning. All enterprises customer service requires a complete picture of the demand, which allows to stimulate the production, product range, distribution and procurement plans in all areas of activity. The importance of these tasks even more great due to seasonal effects, advertising actions and distribution of products, as well as the growth of these effects through mergers and acquisitions.  

Software Infor SCM Demand Planning software allows to predict and shape customer demand more efficiently, allowing you to make plans for the production volumes. Advanced features statistical analysis combined with market knowledge gained by means of cooperation within the company and with its partners, allow make accurate plans for consumer demand. The result is a single, global view of the true state of affairs, which becomes the basis for sales planning and operations, and helps to achieve measurable improvements in service.


Decisions on planning Infor help companies demand:

Improve the accuracy of forecasts on 20-40%;

Increase productivity through timely delivery of almost 20%;

Reduce investment in storage and increase turnover by15-30%;

Reduce the number of spoiled products due to the expiration of shelf life / obsolescence on 15%;

Reduce operating costs by up to 20%.

Demand management can be implemented both on the same platform, and within the framework of centralized distribution structure with web access to the resources of the software that will manage the planning of global supply and demand of the market using multiple interaction channels. It can improve the prediction accuracy, which in turn, allows you to organize better customer service at lower overstocked warehouses and reducing the percentage of write-offs for obsolescence of goods. Among the components of the solution include:

Infor SCM Demand Forecaster

Create a single, large-scale and accurate forecast of demand for the entire enterprise

To exceed customers' expectations for profit, companies need to to forecast, manage and shape consumer demand. Market leaders recognize that a forecast - it is not just a number. Forecast - it is the road to profits.

A software module Infor SCM Demand Forecaster enables demand forecasting model and test different forecast scenarios to analyze all the choices in the supply chain. It combines a combination of statistical algorithms and ease of use that allows you to be accurate, predictable and credible demand forecasts. The result is a forecast for the whole enterprise, which helps to maximize work with customers to reduce the volume of goods stored in the warehouse, and provide a greater level of stability for the staff to work with producers and buyers.

Infor solution forecasting demand helps companies:

Improve the accuracy of forecasts on 20-40%;

Improve performance by delivering mail on a timely 20%;

Reduce the volume of goods in stock and the amount of write-offs of obsolete products;

Manage advertising campaigns to generate demand.

For demand forecasting solution provides powerful tools implemented in a graphical environment, through which you can track the seasonal phenomenon, slow-selling goods, unusual sales figures and step-changes in demand. Statistical mechanism of this software has the ability to self-study and requires minimal intervention for the development of adequate demand forecasts. It is a flexible and scalable solution that allows you to predict any combination of the demand for a group of products to a customer or sales channel and can run on one database, which is enough to serve your entire enterprise. Advertising campaigns and events allow you to shape and model the effects of the rise and fall, and the alternative scenarios make it possible to evaluate the impact of these events on the reduction of supply. The result is shown in the possibility of creating a fully coordinated supply plan that achieves the highest level of customer service.

Check the software for demand planning Infor Demand Planning in action as it adds promotions, optimizes storage and displays important information about sales and processes (KPIs), which are necessary for supply chain optimization.

Infor SCM Collaborate

Collaboration across the enterprise to improve and create a complete picture of demand planning​

To predict the need to have exclusive statistical means. However, industry leaders know that to improve the accuracy of forecasting and demand-sharing plan across the enterprise, it is necessary to take into account a variety of information holders in the planning of demand.

A software module Infor SCM Collaborate has a rich Web interface that enables collaboration among all stakeholders. Inside the company - it is the employees who are engaged in the planning of equipment at remote locations to plan advertising actions, events and campaigns so as to influence demand and to shape it. Outside the company - your customers can contribute to the forecasting of demand by providing information that allows you to quickly respond to their demands. In addition, your suppliers are aware of your plans, helping them to improve their performance in relation to you.

Infor's solutions for demand planning helps companies:

To participate in the corporate planning process demand together with all stakeholders;

The use of external and internal sources of information from multiple sites to create a demand plan;

Increasing the transparency of the entire plan demand through web access and reporting.

To the largest container depots world was able to reduce the amount of power employed by 25% after implementing Infor's solutions to provide a unified picture of the demand of data entry with 15 platforms and from more than 150 employees.

Secure web-based access to Infor's solutions for demand planning and restoration of the warehouse range supports the processing of information from multiple internal and external sources, which improves the accuracy of statistically generated forecasts demand conditions. Using the web browser interface requires minimal training, which means faster deployment and a shorter time income. Color coding and notification of exceptions to facilitate the use of the proposed facilities and allow select the actions that must be taken immediately. Access to information is protected at the data level so stakeholders can view or edit only their own data. In addition, reporting tools, using Web technologies allow to instantly share these data and to ensure the transparency of the demand plan at any time, allowing you to make more appropriate plans and forecasts, taking into account the most recent developments.

Infor SCM Sales and Operations Reporting

Means of tracking the performance of processes, demand planning and supply

Planning of supply and demand (S & OP) provides the basis for detailed production planning, transportation procurement. Commercial companies know that the leaders in the planning of supply and demand is said to reduce the quantity of the goods stored in the warehouse, at 15%, to increase the number of successful orders - by 20% and to reduce the turnaround time money-commodity-money by 33%. The key to success - the optimization of customers profitable opportunities service.

Software to automate reporting of sales and operations Infor SCM Sales and Operations Reporting monitors the accuracy and effectiveness of your plans demand and supply, it becomes a valuable source of data in the process of formation of demand and procurement planning. All published plans on demand, supply warehouse and stored and compared, allowing further analysis of the success of your advertising actions, events and launches of new products, as well as to invest in the enhancement options.

Reporting solution optimization of sales and operations Infor helps companies:

Use the profitable opportunity of improving demand, inventory and supply chain management;

Provide valuable information and sales teams planning processes;

To analyze the degree of success advertising actions, events and new products.

Leader in the sector of grocery products basing all their sales planning and operations in the European market on solutions Infor, including the decision on the sales and operations planning. To date, the client fails to manage and report on the forecast of the situation in more than 125,000 supply channels 30 factories, uniting with them all in a single plan.

Software for sales and operations reporting provides an environment that is accessible through the Internet, with the help of which you can track and analyze the accuracy and efficiency of your long-term plans. Tracking immediately set of key performance indicators, including stability and forecast accuracy, compliance with the performance indicators planned, the initial and final state of the stock over a given period and performed a comparison of these plans with the actual data. Cascading charts allow you to evaluate the predictability and stability of your forecasting and planning of operations at different times so that you can select the time to start corrective actions. Your forecasts and plans can be presented to any set of products, customers and channels that helps in the preparation of business reports and converted into cash, which can be compared with financial budgets. The result is increased efficiency and profit increases.

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