Automation of a warehouse economy


Any commercial enterprise is faced with the need to use new information technologies for the management of trade flows. High trade efficiency is achieved in the implementation of an integrated solution that consists of:

  • optimal business process diagrams;
  • retail equipment;
  • software.

Shipping to stores require the presence of small-piece assembly areas for task management in these areas need attention. WMS at times reduces the likelihood of errors in the collection order.

INFORUS controls the actions of using Terminal, giving precise tasks, thereby reducing the time to process them.

In distribution centers, a wide range of single-piece shipment takes place continuously and to reduce the likelihood of shortages peresorta and need an automated system that helps to control and, if necessary, to trace the product distribution in the warehouse.


The purpose of automation a warehouse economy is a comprehensive accounting of inventory, monitoring inventory, control over the actions of personnel, optimization of warehouse operations.


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