In February 2017, at the warehouse of BARS-RETAIL LLC, Logicon LLC specialists, together with a team from the Customer, launched the Infor SCE (WMS) v.10 wms system.



As part of the implementation, the following functionality was implemented:
1) Implemented a system of address storage;
2) An optimized warehouse processing technology has been developed;
3) Organized work with Alcohol with automated control of the compliance of the FSM and bottling dates with certificates A and B from EGAIS;
4) The warehouse management system Infor SCE (WMS) v.10 was implemented, which ensures the performance of warehouse operations in accordance with the agreed optimized technology;
5) Integration between Infor SCE (WMS) v.10 and 1C is configured;
6) Warehouse personnel and IT department specialists were trained.

After six months of operation of Infor SCE (WMS) v.10, employees of BARS-RETAIL LLC assessed the efficiency of the warehouse under the control of the wms-system. The use of Infor SCE (WMS) v.10 made it possible to achieve the following results:
1) Assembly speed increased by ~35%, number of typesetters reduced by 40%
2) The percentage of claims for shipments has been reduced from 10% to 0.1% of the total number of documents
3) The speed of acceptance of Alcoholic products has been increased from 3 days to 1 day.
4) The speed of shipment of Alcohol has been increased. From 3 days to 1 day.
5) The chronic backlog of the warehouse from the shipment schedule has been eliminated (previously, the average backlog was 2 days).
6) Significantly reduced the percentage of write-offs due to overdue expiration dates. Automated control over the shipment of goods by FIFO is provided. Plus, Infor SCE (WMS) v.10 warns in advance about a product that is not yet expired, but will soon expire. And also employees of the sales department got the opportunity to independently track the expiration dates of goods.
7) The possibility of partial shipment of orders (movements to the Stores) is provided.
8) Implemented printing of transfer acts directly from Infor.

From February to October, Logicon and Bars jointly tested the effectiveness of the Infor WMS system.

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The project was completed in October 2017.