WMS import substitution

Like all companies, in this difficult time, Logicon is looking for new opportunities to optimize the range of products offered, taking into account the need for their import substitution. To do this, the company is ready to offer the market several options for the implementation of full-fledged WMS systems that meet all modern business tasks of customers.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management or SCM - an organizational development strategy, implying the optimization of management by automating key processes. Today, supply chain management systems are able to cover the entire trade cycle from order planning to accumulate information in a single database of the company, by optimizing relationships with suppliers of raw materials to work with the end user.

Supply Management

The effectiveness of supply chain management - a popular topic of lectures, conferences, debates in the professional community of experts from the logistics business in the world. The arguments about the effectiveness of supply chain management can be found in the text of the experts and analysts of the scope of operational logistics. How to make supply management efficiency? What do experts recommend?

Inventory management the supply chains

Inventory management in the supply chain or logistics supply - a set of methods to optimize the supply chain. This is a key element in supply chain management. The normal functioning of the cell, namely a stable increase in the efficiency of inventory management in the supply chain, the subject of numerous analytical papers, term papers, and books.

Procurement and supply management

Procurement and supply management - the most important elements of the functioning of the company's logistics system.

Warehouse logistics

Under warehouse logistics understand the system analysis and design, organization and management of the warehouse. At the same time warehouse logistics - it is only a link in the company's supply chain.

Warehouse management system

Despite the fact that the classification established WMS solutions do not exist, analysts have attempted to divide the control system into types.

A synergistic effect - the cornerstone

In recent years we have seen a qualitative growth of the market of logistics and warehousing services. It is not just about the intensive construction and commissioning of modern warehouses of class A, the use of high-quality equipment and professional equipment, the introduction of specialized software.

Underwater stones

Oleg Tokarev, Senior Project Manager of a professional approach to project management. When implementing any system, however, as with any project, sometimes pop up, so-called "underwater stones" as expected and unexpected. The professionalism of the team of implementation on the part of the integrator, is to anticipate and prevent potential problems and risks arising in the course of implementation of the system. Let's talk about the most common "underwater stones", which may result from the project as a whole will depend.

Our approach to the implementation of INFOR WM (EXCEED WMS)

Each implementation project WMS (Warehouse Management System) has its own unique features. Today we want to share with you the peculiarities of the implementation of one of the most interesting projects lately.

Legends and myths voice selection and selection of PICK-TO-LIGHT

On the pros and cons of using various screening technologies says in his article Smehnov Anton, Business Analyst, Trainer, PhD, Head of Audit and Optimization. Quite often, in the practice of the optimization of warehouse logistics projects have to meet with the initial request in the form of "we want to implement in the warehouse barcoding, and yet we need the voice command" or "selection on the terminals." And since lower following arguments have to repeatedly pronounce different clients, I decided to present them on paper.

Crisis and what it eats

Today we asked Alexey Shuvaev, Director of the company "Logicon" (formerly "DK-Expert") about his vision of the current economic situation and ways out of the prevailing conditions.

When expectations are met. Introduction INFOR WM team "Logicon"

The realities of modern business are: expectations and requirements ahead of time. Companies and markets are developing so rapidly that their functionality and capabilities change literally in real-time, responsive to customer demand. Unfortunately, the high dynamics of development is associated with "growing pains": lack of human resources, time to maintain a high quality of service, and to the continuous qualitative updating or creating unique business processes.

Engineers in warehouse logistics

Modern warehouse, logistics and distribution center - a complex organism, which should work efficiently all systems. Strengthening the "nerve centers" using IT-tools, we can not forget about the other components: the correct placement of racks, fleet formation, recruitment. It is a comprehensive business process optimization gives the best result, which proves that LLC "Logicon" in its projects.

Warehouse automation

Modern warehouse - is not just a large and complex structure with a special structure and a set of functions to convert traffic, as well as the accumulation and processing of inventory items (such as record keeping, accounting and other goods.). Warehouse - a kind of system, with a variety of parameters that are associated with design features, product lines, technology solutions. At the same time, it is only one warehouse, although an important element of a more complex system - logistic chain, which actually forms the storage requirements for the system. That is why in today's business environment warehouse automation is a critical task. Particularly relevant is the question of warehouse automation for industries such as retail, pharmaceuticals and construction.