BOYARD (LLC BOYARD) is the largest representative of the furniture fittings market in the Russian Federation.

In 2019, BOYARD built and officially launched its own flagship fort in Yekaterinburg. A large-scale modern distribution and warehouse complex is concentrated in it. On which the warehouse management system Infor SCE version 10 is implemented.

With the help of standard WMS functionality, several types of selection are used in the warehouse:

Pallet picking (picking is performed by whole pallets from storage cells in racks starting from the 2nd tier and above; by a forklift driver);
Selection by boxes (selection is carried out by boxes from cells of the 1st tier in racks; by a picker who moves around the warehouse collecting boxes on a wooden pallet according to the client's order);
Piece-by-piece selection on the mezzanine (selection is performed by pieces or by spikes on the mezzanine; the picker performing the piece-by-piece selection moves on the mezzanine either with a box or with a box on which there are several boxes, where each box can be ordered for a separate client, i.e. several boxes are assembled at once orders for different customers on one pallet).
Different processes are used to complete replenishment. One of which is Composite replenishment.

To replenish the selection cells with boxes, the usual replenishment with whole pallets from storage is used;
Composite replenishment is used to replenish piece selection cells on the mezzanine.
The difference between conventional and composite replenishment is that without composite replenishment, the forklift operator must perform each replenishment task separately. With the help of composite replenishment, the selector receives boxed replenishment tasks for one pallet, then this pallet is moved to the mezzanine, where the second step from the pallet places boxes into the corresponding picking cells.

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The project was completed in October 2019.