Concern Kalina and DataKrat announce the first results of the implementation of the Exceed WMS system in the warehouse of finished products in Yekaterinburg.

Yekaterinburg, October 25, 2005 – Kalina Concern, the largest manufacturer of perfumes, cosmetics and household chemicals in Russia, and DataKrat Corporation, announce the successful launch of the EXceed™ WMS 4000 system (SSA Warehouse Management) at the Concern's Finished Goods warehouse in Yekaterinburg with a capacity of about 13,000 pallet places. Symbol equipment was supplied, installed and configured by DataKrat.

“The implementation of the EXceed™ WMS 4000 system led to a reduction in the personnel required for the operation of the warehouse, an increase in the total volume of warehouse operations performed on average per day up to 2500 (external incoming and outgoing operations up to 1200), an increase in the turnover of products in the warehouse and, as a result, ensuring a load of at least 95% of the total volume of pallet spaces. We plan to continue cooperation with DataKrat and jointly launch the EXceed WMS system in other warehouses with more complex business processes, - says Valery Bulevich, Head of IT Department at Kalina Concern.

For the first time in Russia, the EXceed WMS system was installed in a warehouse for finished products during production, which imposed additional requirements on the control system. The main problems that have been solved are the integration of WMS with the Production Management Information System (PMIS), the convergence of data from these systems in conditions when it is not known how much goods will be produced and delivered to the warehouse before the end of the production process of a batch of goods.

As a result of the project, the warehouse switched to paperless technology for providing intra-warehouse logistics procedures, all operations are carried out using radio terminals.

“Participation in this implementation is very important for us. It is a great responsibility for us to work with such a professional partner as i2 CIS and such a highly demanding Customer as the Kalina Concern. New projects ahead! - says Andrey Turov, Commercial Director of DataKrat.

The project was completed in 2004.

About Kalina Concern

Concern "KALINA" is the largest manufacturer of perfumery, cosmetics and household chemicals in Russia. Today Concern "KALINA" has production equipment that meets the most stringent international standards, and the company's suppliers are the world's largest companies producing raw materials for perfumes and cosmetics. The Kalina Concern includes a factory in Ekaterinburg, Omsk Plant of Synthetic Detergents, OOO Novoplast, Subsidiary Pallada-Ukraine (Ukraine), Kalina Overseas Holding B. V. (Netherlands). The concern's regional sales network in Russia and the CIS countries consists of 188 dealer companies.

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