The Trading House of Electrical Products, together with specialists from DK-Expert, centralized and automated the logistics of the enterprise.

LLC TD "Electroware" is the largest supplier of electrical equipment in the region.

The branch network of Trade House Elektroizdeliya currently has 9 representative offices in various cities of the region, four of which operate on a self-service system that is unique for this industry. A wide range of products in stock is provided by a modern logistics center in Berezovsky.

The complexity and scale of the project was that the task was not to automate a single logistics center in Berezovsky. It was necessary to build an effective system of interaction between the distribution center, branches and stores, which would allow to increase the speed of order processing, reduce logistics costs, increase the transparency of the movement of goods, reduce the loss of goods, thereby reaching a new level of interaction with partners and customers.

During the project, in addition to automating the main warehouse business processes (acceptance, placement, replenishment, selection, shipment), DK-Expert developed and implemented several additional tools: more than 70 reports for various departments of the company: top management, supply department, sales department. integration tool with non-trivial internal logic of work, taking into account types of orders, individual customers, etc. We can highlight some of the implemented business processes:

Acceptance of transported goods in branches with one scan. Assembled pallets at the central distribution center are accepted in the branches with one scan.
Automation of the dispatcher's work, allowing the client's vehicle to enter the territory. Allows you to check the readiness of the order for shipment, printing a pass, assigning a shipping gate and automatically generating tasks for moving completed pallets to the assigned gates.
The ability to differentiate goods in the warehouse for a specific manager, i.e. the system does not allow to reserve and select the product if the manager ordered it for himself.
Three-stage process of shipment of goods: packaging, placement in the expedition area, loading into a vehicle. Allows you to reduce sorting, as well as reduce the time of loading orders into the vehicle.
Working with cable products, including a special strategy for reserving cable products, taking into account the minimum construction residue, and also allowing you to choose the best piece of cable for the client.
This project is indicative not only due to the complexity of business processes, distributed warehouse infrastructure, but also in terms of the level of alienability of the solution offered by DK-Expert. In the process of implementing the WMS system at the Electrical Products Trade House, a team of specialists was formed, which, after the completion of the project, distributed INFOR WM to the remaining branches and developed several tools based on the implemented WMS system. These are tools such as automation of the reservation process, automation of selection and packaging at branches for prompt customer service. Also, for effective viewing and analysis of the situation in the warehouse, operational data analysis was introduced using BI technologies, which is based on the Infor WM 4000 database. OLAP reports developed show the placement of groups of goods in the warehouse, the number of warehouse operations performed for any period of time employees, movement of goods. OLAP reports are under development to help in setting up placement and setting product attributes.

At the moment, the system has been implemented at the central distribution center, 9 branches, more than 80 users work in the system.

The project was completed in 2008.