Gala Center is a large trading platform that provides customers with access to purchases of a wide range of consumer goods from leading suppliers. The trading platform combines 17 product lines with tens of thousands of positions.
The company's offices are located in Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk, and there are representative offices in all federal districts of Russia.
Warehouse management system Infor SCE version 10 was implemented at the warehouse in Yekaterinburg.
Key features of the project include the following:
Voice selection. The selection of piece and boxed goods is performed using voice terminals according to a unique scenario, which includes a branched structure for processing conditions.
Flight plan. An additional module that combines shipment orders into flights according to pre-defined algorithms. Allows you to process flights in waves and track information on processing flights online. It is also associated with billing, which allows you to track the performance of operations performed by employees in the warehouse.
Work with claims. An additional module that displays information on claims from customers regarding delivered products. Since it is necessary to organize a check of balances (inventory) for each claim, this module allows you to create tasks for a cyclic inventory according to specifically specified parameters for controllers. After the inventory is completed, the response to the claim is also processed through the module and, after integration, is transferred to the main system.
* Flight plan is an additional module, which is a separate software developed by Logicon LLC for individual customer requests. On January 28, 2022, it was registered in the Russian Register of Computer Programs under the name "Logistics Console".


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