In December 2009, DK-Expert successfully completed a project to automate the warehouse complex of the Logistic Center company (NOVEKS group of companies, Barnaul) based on Infor WM (Exceed WMS) software.

In the course of the project, DK-Expert prepared an implementation team from among NOVEX employees. Together with a team trained by DK-Expert specialists, an optimal technology for warehouse processing of goods and related document flow was developed and implemented.

Implementation results

The implementation of the project of reorganization of the management of the warehouse complex and automation of work allowed the Logistics Center, while maintaining the volume of processed goods, to switch to accounting for expiration dates and division of goods by owners. Reduce dependence on personnel and move from separate groups of storekeepers tied to assortment groups to unification of work that does not require knowledge of the assortment and long training in the warehouse. It made it possible to plan delivery routes even before the start of order picking.

The internal scheme of interaction between the company's divisions was reorganized, which made it possible to:

Accurately and timely plan the delivery of goods;
reasonably prioritize the order of assembly depending on the time of shipment;
simplify the workflow.
Automatic accounting of expiration dates and individual requirements of Clients in terms of terms and packaging of goods has been introduced.

It became possible to clearly track illiquid and overdue stocks of goods and take countermeasures in a timely manner.

A detailed accounting of the services provided by safekeeping has been introduced for calculating own costs and invoicing to the Clients of the Logistics Center. A differentiated system for recording work performed and motivating personnel has been introduced.

The need to stop the warehouse for inventory has disappeared. Increased accuracy of inventory management.

Implementation features

Adhering to the principle of "optimizing the Client's business, not introducing stamps", DK-Expert specialists developed and implemented a unique functionality of background automatic optimization of the layout. The essence of the functionality lies in the dynamic redistribution of the selection zone for goods.

The layout optimization functionality ensures automatic changes in the volume and addresses of storage cells allocated for goods in the picking area. This takes into account the recent dynamics of shipments of goods, the number of assortment positions in cells, the volume and tier of cells, the distance of cells from the shipping zone, the rules for mixing goods in a given selection zone. Within one cell, the system does not mix similar products, which further facilitates the processing of goods and reduces re-sorting.

The developed functionality provides for a mechanism that provides "manual control of the selection zone", which is used for individual commodity items requiring non-standard settings.

In addition to the layout optimization procedures themselves, which run in the background, this functionality also includes analytical reporting tools to assess the optimality of the current layout and predict the volume of internal auxiliary movements of goods not related to shipment and acceptance.

As part of the project, the functionality of the workplace of a transport logistician has been expanded, which facilitates the process of planning expeditions for the delivery of goods.

AWP of a transport logistician allows you to plan delivery expeditions in a convenient way by grouping orders from Clients by delivery directions and other characteristics. The transport logistician and sales department managers are given the opportunity to track the dynamics of preparing orders for shipment, indicating the volume, weight, assortment and complexity of order processing.

As a result of the Infor WM implementation project, NOVEX received an effective tool for managing the warehouse complex, and, no less important, got a team capable of competently using this tool to improve the efficiency of the warehouse. The NOVEX team independently developed and introduced the processing of 3PL services for new Clients and is launching a new warehouse.

The project was completed in December 2009.

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