The project for the implementation of WMS INFOR at the warehouse complex of Novotrans-Port in Novorossiysk has been successfully completed.

The Novotrans-Port company has recently entered the market of 3PL services, but has already gained confidence and signed a contract with Gazpromneft-Lubricants. The implementation of a ready-made INDUSTRY SOLUTION was chosen as the implementation methodology. The implementation of the INDUSTRY SOLUTION allowed Novotrans-Port to obtain not only process automation, but also a ready-made, proven work technology, which is especially useful for a “young” business. It also reduced the implementation time and cost.



The warehouse complex includes three warehouses. All warehouses have organized address storage and processing of goods for several types of storage. Warehousing is used on front racks, in stuffed rack systems, as well as floor multi-tiered storage in rows.

WMS system ensures efficient use of space and shipment taking into account expiration dates (according to FIFO). Depending on the characteristics of the goods and the current filling of the warehouse, WMS INFOR calculates the optimal storage location for the goods arriving at the warehouse, taking into account all the storage methods used. Management of the shipment process allowed us to double the speed of order processing and guarantee the correct automatic generation of accompanying documentation. Separately, it should be noted the involved functionality of accounting for quality passports and certificates of conformity for actually shipped goods. In fact, this functionality allows you to completely eliminate the manual work of a certification specialist and transfer its functions to a regular operator.

The staff of Novotrans-Port in a short time gained knowledge and practical experience in an automated warehouse under the control of WMS INFOR using data collection terminals. Thanks to the effective interaction of Logicon and Novotrans-Port specialists, the implementation project was successfully completed in just 2 months.

As it develops, Novotrans-Port will be able to gradually increase the functionality of the WMS system involved and enter the Novorossiysk 3PL services market with a qualitatively new level of service.

Completion of the project: April 2016.


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