On June 2, 2008, the DK-Expert company launched a product accounting system based on the DKLink Pro bar coding technology at the Pilen enterprise.

The first stage of the project provided automation of all warehouse operations and took three months. The DKLink Pro system provides individual accounting for each unit of raw materials, and through integration with 1C, it carries out paperless workflow between the warehouse and the financial departments of the enterprise. In the future, it is planned to cover production sites.

“The introduction of the system will allow the Pilen enterprise to increase the efficiency of customer service, make the work of the warehouse more transparent and will be the next step towards building a comprehensive product quality control system,” comments Deputy Director Anton Dementiev.

The DKLink Pro system is a mass-production modular solution developed by the DataKrat Corporation for the automation of warehouse and production processes. The system is designed to keep records of inventory items at enterprises.

The main advantages of the DKLink Pro system:

Organization of traceability in production (history of the movement of accounting objects).
Increasing the reliability of data (errors of the "human factor" are excluded as much as possible).
Prompt provision of information to management systems (ERP, accounting) in real time.
Reduction of labor intensity in the performance of accounting operations by personnel.
Reducing the loss of accounting objects by registering the movement of products in real time.
Improving the quality of products (personal responsibility, production history).
Optimization of the internal document flow of the enterprise.

For marking tasks in the project, the equipment of the world leader, Zebra Corporation, was used. Motorola wireless solutions are used to control the movement of objects and record them in real time. Error-free weighing of raw materials and products is ensured by connecting electronic platform scales to the DKLink Pro system.

About Pilen

Pilen LLC is a manufacturer of large-tonnage containers (MKR, Big-Bag) for bulk cargo. The product range allows solving the problems of packaging, storage and transportation of a wide variety of products - from cement and salt to ferroalloys. A constantly updated fleet of equipment and the development of new technologies allow Pilen LLC to quickly respond to the ever-changing market requirements for packaging. Many years of experience in the production of soft containers, attention to customer needs allow Pilen LLC to promptly provide partners with high-quality products that meet the latest requirements and standards.

Additional information about the company can be found on the website: www.pilen.ru