Trading network "Radezh" dates back to 2002 and is rightfully considered one of the most efficient and largest not only in the Volgograd region, but throughout the Southern Federal District.
"Radezh" is the only Volgograd trading network that has its branches outside the Volgograd region. In total, there are now a hundred Radezh stores operating in the Volgograd and Rostov regions.


The most important element of the network's service is its own production in three areas - vegetable growing, culinary and bakery. The products of the own greenhouse farm "Ovoshchevod" can be purchased at every Radezh store - these are tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, which are grown all year round and delivered to store shelves, while maintaining a fresh and natural taste.
Every day, the bakery shops produce a wide range of pies, rolls, breads and other baked goods according to original recipes and only from high quality products.

Culinary "Radezh" allows you to save time and energy on the preparation of tasty and healthy food, providing a diverse range of salads, meat and fish dishes.

Caring for the quality of goods, people's health, social responsibility - these are the main principles of the Radezh retail chain. That is why the Radezh company, on its own initiative, has taken on additional obligations that contribute to the quality of the network. All vegetables and fruits arriving at the distribution center of the Radezh trading network undergo additional control for the level of nitrates and radiation. In stores of the network, the possibility of selling expired products has practically been reduced to zero. Radezh works closely with local producers.

Compliance with high standards of service quality and the need to qualitatively improve the level of manageability and turnover of its main distribution center, required the company "Radezh" to switch to the use of a warehouse management system. The company's management led a long and captious selection of applicants for WMS integration. The main emphasis was placed on the customer focus of the partner company, since previous experience of cooperation with integrator companies showed that many of them are not always aimed at fully satisfying the needs of the Customer, they are interested in the formal implementation of standard functionality and further “hooking the needle” in terms of fine-tuning systems and functionality improvements.

Logicon won the competition to select a provider of WMS-system implementation services. The practice of cooperation has shown that Logicon kept the promised implementation parameters by customizing the product for the (prearranged) most complex warehouse processes of Radezh as part of the starting price of the contract.

Today, Infor WM successfully manages the activities of the Radezh distribution center.

The project was completed in July 2014.