JSC "Middle Volga Logistics Company" (SLK) was founded in early 2004 and is the largest logistics provider in the Volga region. At the time of the launch of WMS Infor, the warehouse area was 25,000 m2. The project was completed in 2007. The project was implemented by DataKrat and i2CIS specialists. (Clients of the SLK company at the time of the launch of the system: the grocery chain Kopeyka, Technosila, Baltika, etc.).
At the moment, SLK has at its disposal several class A warehouse terminals, a class B terminal with a total area of ​​more than 80,000 m2 and a container site, on the territory of which any cargo can be stored, including goods requiring special temperature conditions. The introduction of WMS Infor to new warehouse sites was carried out by a team of SLK specialists independently, without the involvement of LogicON (DK-Expert) specialists.

In 2014, SLK specialists together with Logicon successfully completed a project to migrate to the new Infor v.9 platform.


Official website of the company: www.svlk.ru