In April 2010, DK-Expert specialists, together with specialists from PlanetaStroy (Uyuterra retail chain), successfully launched the company's distribution center in Lipetsk under the control of Infor WM (Exceed WMS).

A separate and most important stage of the project was the creation of an optimized model of warehouse and near-warehouse business processes. This was necessary primarily due to increased commodity flows, because now the DC serves more than 60 stores of the united network. The main objectives of the project to optimize and automate warehouse logistics were defined as follows:

Creation of an effective system of control and support of warehouse operations of the company
Integration of the implemented system into the organizational elements of the company to ensure the timeliness, accuracy and integrity of data in the company.
Integration of the System with the corporate information system.
Optimization of the logistics business processes of the company in order to increase the throughput of the distribution center.
In the course of the project for the implementation of the WMS system Infor WM (Exceed WMS) for the distribution center of the united Uyuterra, a deep analysis of business processes was carried out and the accounting technology was optimized. As a result, an effective warehouse management model has been created that allows you to efficiently supply a chain of stores. This model is almost 80% focused on cross-docking due to the intensity of goods flows, the assortment matrix and the restrictions imposed by the distribution center area.

About Trade Network UYUTERRA

PlanetStroy LLC, which develops the Uyuterra brand, was founded in 2004. Currently, the Uyuterra retail chain is one of the most dynamically developing retailers in the home and interior goods segment. The assortment line of Uyuterra products includes more than 25,000 items of textiles, dishes, toys, stationery, household chemicals and cosmetics, tools, watches, lamps, paintings, souvenirs and gifts. The first store of the network was opened in the summer of 2004 in Lipetsk under the trademark "SG Center". In total, in the first three years of the company's operation under the SG Center brand, 18 stores were opened in 9 regions of the central part of Russia. In August 2007, in order to update the image, the company rebranded and introduced the Uyuterra trademark to the market.

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